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The Gateway Exchange Protocol (GEP) Subscription Tester is a new tool used to validate that a subscription based connection is working as expected. It can also be used to validate filter expressions that can be used to select a set of points in the openPDC and other products (e.g., SIEGate) for use as inputs or outputs for any adapter.

The GEP Subscription Tester can be manually downloaded from here.

This application is a simple graphical program that uses the Grid Solutions Framework Unity subscription API to display trending lines for each subscribed measurement in the specified filter expression - trend lines are updated as values are received in real-time. Mouse controls (or finger gestures) will allow rotation and zoom, arrows keys will adjust X/Y location. Clicking on the "Subscription Controls" area at the bottom of the screen will pop-up a control window to allow you to change connection information (e.g., server/port to connect to), the filter expression and even replay data if a historian is enabled.


The GEP Subscription Tester application is built using the Unity 3D gaming engine and can currently run on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. Various other deployment options (e.g., iOS, Xbox, PSP, etc.) are possible.

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